Zebra Tube Skimmer – A Decade On-The-Job

tube oil skimmerZebra's Sidewinder® Skimmer – Removing Tramp Oils for 10 Years

Cleveland, Ohio
Excellent Tool & Die

December 2008

John Kinsch, President of Excellent Tool & Die, Cleveland, OH, has been skimming his tramp oil from his coolant tanks for many years using a Zebra Sidewinder® Tube Skimmer. He recently called in to say that the unit he purchased many moons ago was may finally ready for ceremonies. Zebra was able to trace his skimmer as a model dating back 10 years!

We discussed our latest model unit, Series ZVA8, which includes improved gear drive technology for longer tube and motor life and its more compact design. John was encouraged by the new design, but requested a slower motor to help prevent coolant from being lifted out of the tank. Zebra offered to supply John a unit with a 7 rpm motor to see how much better it may work for him.

When the results came in, John let us know that he really liked the new Sidewinder design, for its fit as well as it ability to pick up tramp oils much more efficiently than his previous model while still preventing excessive coolant waste.

Excellent Tool & Die assists its customers in their tooling and die requirements and is served by Chester Industries of Cleveland, OH, a proud Zebra distributor.

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