Aeration inhibits bacterial growth in metalworking coolant.

Machine Sump AeratorPrecision Parts Center Puts the Oxygenator™ to Work Controlling the Growth of Anaerobic Bacteria

Paul Krivoy, Owner of Precision Parts Center (Corpus Cristi, TX), wanted to take a preventative approach to help solve his coolant maintenance problems. He decided it was time to aerate his coolant to increase its life.

Aeration improves a coolant’s ability to inhibit bacterial growth which is caused by static coolant sumps. By keeping oxygen infused into the coolant, anaerobic bacteria have a much tougher time developing and causing slime formation.

The Zebra Oxygenator, an aeration device with sintered bronze diffuser ends, would help solve the bacteria problem. This unit is available in a one-port diffuser configuration or two-port diffuser configuration, and is operated by plugging into the nearest 110v electrical outlet.

Paul’s dilemma lay in the fact that the electrical outlets on his Okuma machines did not function when the machine was shut down for the evening. So Paul, being a pioneer, decided to mount the Zebra Oxygenators onto the walls of the building and use the wall outlets as the electrical source.

He was supplied with the additional tubing he required for this setup at no charge (Zebra Skimmers encourages forward-thinking efforts) and ran the 50 foot diffuser tubing from the Oxygenators to his coolant sumps.

Paul and the machine shop operators are now pleased when they arrive for work on Monday morning. The shop smells of fresh coolant rather than the rotten smells the stagnant coolant used to emanate before the installation of the aerators.

Paul is also happy that the Snapdragon™ ADAPT™ Portable Oil Coalescer & Fines Removal System, which he purchased in conjunction with the Oxygenators. It works wonders at removing the floating tramp oils and particulate matter that accumulate on each machine sump. Precision Parts Center runs this coalescer unit for approximately a half-shift per machine daily to keep the coolant lasting longer and improve its effectiveness.

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