Zebra's Belt Skimmer Goes to School

OSU LabZebra's Belt Skimmer – Removing Tramp Oils and Educating OSU Students

Stillwater, Oklahoma
Oklahoma State University

October of 2007

Warren Lewis, Associate Professor of Oklahoma State University's Mechanical Engineering Technology Program and Manufacturing Development Lab (Stillwater, OK), contacted Zebra to get a recommendation for an oil skimmer that they could utilize as a portable mechanical skimmer for all machine sumps.

Having a limited budget, Warren understands the need to prevent coolant from degradation and waste. He has been encouraging his students to not only learn the metalworking trade, but understand good coolant maintenance practices as well, as it also relates to their health and safety.

After review of their machining applications, a Zebra B Series Belt Skimmer was selected as the best option, and Zebra provided this unit to their program free of charge. The belt skimmer has been working wonders keeping the shop tramp oil free!

Zebra is proud to recognize OSU's program, and Warren and his students in particular. They are doing a great job of maintaining their coolants and clean shop, wouldn't you agree?

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