Controlling Bacterial Growth in Coolant

Portable Oil and Fines Removal SystemZebra Portable Oil & Fines Removal Sytem to Solves Coolant Problems

In February of 2003, Mold Rite Plastics (Plattsburg, NY) purchased a Zebra Snapdragon ADAPT Portable Oil & Fines Removal Sytem to solve their coolant problems. They purchased this unit through their local Zebra Distributor, Blanchard Industrial Supply (Troy, NY).

At first, it seemed, they were not getting the proper amount of oil removal. Upon further investigation, it turned out they had an excessive amount of bacterial rafts (also called slime) which were clogging the ultrafiltration filter, allowing improper flow for the unit.

Once the slime was filtered out using the ultrafilters, the Snapdragon ADAPT removed the oil layer from the sump without a hitch. The 8 individual sumps were then also aerated using a Zebra Oxygenator to decreasing the future likelihood of this type of bacterial growth.

The Snapdragon is now used every day to treat each sump in the machining cell and the result is clean coolant!

NOTE: Mold Rite personnel turned the pressure up too high when the filters were clogged with slime, causing the diaphragms of the pump to blow out.

LESSON: Change filters when needed-unfortunately, they do not last forever when they are doing their jobs well.

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