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Coolant Maintenance Sucks!

Joe works for a large aviation plant, and had serious problems removing tramp oil and cutting oil from his large mills. Large fluctuations in fluid levels and the quantity of tramp oil in his metalworking fluids (coolant), was making coolant maintenance difficult. He tried floating skimmers from Keller, Abanaki, and ITW, but they didn’t work. For his situation a belt skimmer, disk skimmer, even a tube skimmer were not appropriate. For that reason he went with a Zebra Skimmers Corp. coolant coalescer, the Zebra Muscle, using the Hammerhead floating skimmer.

Joe installed the Zebra Muscle coalescer easily, and the unit worked perfectly, at first. Then one day Joe called us with a problem.

“It stopped sucking” he claimed.

We didn’t understand why it would fail. Engineering took over and had Joe go over every element of the oil collection system in detail. When they got to the Hammerhead, Joe confessed that, “I suck on the tube to try and prime it but nothing comes through!”

“You’re sucking on the tube?” We didn’t believe our ears.


“With all that coolant, metal, and biology in there?”


What a guy, we thought. Then we had an inspiration. “Joe, which way do the Hammerhead floats point?”

“They’re on the bottom.”

“Joe,” we said carefully, “turn Hammerhead over, turn the pump on and tell us how it works. Don’t suck on it, okay?”

Joe came back to us a few moments later. “Hey, it works great again! Thanks!”

The moral:
Don’t EVER suck on coolant!
And give us a call if anything goes wrong - we’ve seen it all!

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