Disk Skimmer Removing Tramp Oils

cnc disk skimmersZebra's GS Disk Skimmer with Diverter On the Job Since the Mid 1990s

JR3 logoJR3 manufactures a device called a "load cell". Their primary application is as a 3 axis or 6 degree of freedom force sensor on the wrist of assembly robots. The force sensors come in a variety of sizes, with capacities from 5 pounds to several thousand pounds. A computer program controls a robot doing repetitive tasks. In an assembly process, if a part does not fit, the robot will not know and pushes until something happens. With our device, the robot controllers can receive "force feedback information". The assembly process can now be stopped, changed, etc.

We have 3 CNC vertical machining centers equipped with Zebra diverter disc skimmers. We have been using your skimmers since we first saw your adds, probably in the mid 1990's. When we replace a CNC, we just move the skimmers to the new machine. The skimmers run 24/7 year after year. We once replaced a motor because the motor bearing wore out. Other than that, we do nothing but clean them.

We also use aerators and remove chips from the coolant regularly. Using these techniques plus your skimmers allows us to go several years between coolant changes.

I have made one modification to your diverters. I re-tapped the drain holes and inserted hollow set screws with some low strength Loctite. Now it is not necessary to carefully level the skimmers to get the correct height in the diverter tanks, just adjust the setscrews as needed.

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