Belt Skimmer Removing Waste Oils

belt skimmer aluminum adjustZebra's Long Belt Skimmer Modified for Ground-Based Coolant Sump

Tampere, Finland
(Company Name withheld by request)

The Finns have exacting standards and high expectations as for quality.

They invented their own mounting system for a Zebra Skimmer Belt Skimmer so that it could be easily raised (or lowered) to the correct height needed at this station. In this case the customer was unsure as to the exact height of his bucket. Some stations use barrels that receive waste oil, while others, like this, use small 10 liter (about 2 gallon) buckets.

The belt skimmer is outfitted with a European motor (220v 50Hz) and a belt that is 1 meters (3.3 feet) long. In this case the belt is reaching oil being held in a ground-based coolant sump near a large die press.

This tool and die shop is located in one of the northermost cities in the world, located at 63° Northern lattitude, about 2 hours north of Helsinki. This area as a well known and very beautiful lake region renowned for its scenery and extremely hard-working and friendly people.

The Finns are enthusiasts of the sauna (pronounced SOW-nah), and on the summer solstice they declare a national holiday, run off to their summer cottages (or their friend’s cottage), and spend the entire several days celebrating 24 hours of light by drinking heavily, sweating profusily (in the buff) and occassionally cooling off in nearby streams and lakes.

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